Journalists Echo Chambers Are WORSE Than 2016, They Are Getting SMALLER

A new study has found that the bubbles journalists occupy on social media are actually shrinking, despite a fleeting moment of self-reflection after 2016, and Tim theorizes that the same thing (or worse) is liable to happen.

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510 Replies to “Journalists Echo Chambers Are WORSE Than 2016, They Are Getting SMALLER”

  1. Brittania

    Watching in from UK – what is clear, is Democrats and Fake media are nothing more than domestic terrorists. There is no real party now called “Democrats”. It is now a gang of criminals who are part of the Globalists that want all the money and cheap labour. They are all in bed with Communist China and want a similar style of government system. The western white left call it “social democracy” but that is a pre-cursor for communism. The CCP Virus and everything you see is a tool being used for insurrection. Trump is the only thing that stands in the way of total destruction of USA. Remember he is not a republican – he was an independent but took over the GOP (and their globalist criminals) to win the presidency and brought them to heel. USA is so lucky to have Trump. Liberalism is lie and all the leftists I have met are racists and corrupt.

  2. Stanley wagers

    One major difference between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are voting Biden, because he’s not Trump. The Republicans are not voting Biden, because he’s not Trump.

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