John Kerry Says Joe Biden Is ON BOARD With The Great Reset, This WILL Affect Our Pandemic Response

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Destiny (@GazeWithin on Twitter, @Destiny on YouTube) discuss what it means that Joe Biden is, apparently, on board with the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

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102 Replies to “John Kerry Says Joe Biden Is ON BOARD With The Great Reset, This WILL Affect Our Pandemic Response”

  1. Josue Martinez

    This is the type of guy that has benefited from having the internet as protection like many others. They think NA NA NI NANA, YOU CANT HURT ME. Some people just need to get punched in the face. A punch to the face puts life in perspective for anyone.

  2. P3Flier7

    I’ve seen Destiny talk on too many programs; he is more uninteresting each time I see him and he becomes less and less informed each time.

  3. Atlas127

    The great rest equals a lower 1% of wealth of people meaning were less than 1% of our nation’s population hold 99%+ of nations wealth how that guy doesn’t see that as a problem he clearly is apart of it

  4. Devilen

    The problem is they are saying they have the right to this or that. You have the right to drive Drunk but you will face the consequences of what you do. You have the right to do anything but you do not have the right to be free of any and all consequences.

  5. batsay xbox360 storm 2

    Tim…. you have had on vaush… You have had on destiny… Now please have on vincent james foxx of the red elephants…. He actually knows what he is talking about. And, no, he is not a white supremecist like the adl say, you know the labeling games the left plays calling everyone racist. Have him on already.

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