John Bolton Is Calling Capitol Hill Riot A COUP, What ACTUALLY Happened??

Tim, Luke, and Lydia host on-the-ground riot reporters Jorge Ventura and Richie McGinniss to discuss whether Wednesday’s events show signs of being an insurrection or not.

Jorge Ventura @VenturaReport (Twitter), @JorgeVenturaTV (Instagram)
Richie McGinniss @RichieMcGinniss (Twitter, Instagram)

Tim @Timcast (everywhere)
Luke @LukeWeAreChange (Twitter, Instagram) @WeAreChange (YouTube)
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1,107 Replies to “John Bolton Is Calling Capitol Hill Riot A COUP, What ACTUALLY Happened??”

  1. Ascend Jordan

    This is all a PRELUDE to the SOLUTION!! (Remember problem, reaction, solution).The SOLUTION is a second version of the PATRIOT ACT and LOCKDOWN!!The are MULTIPLE agencies involved controlled by different people. The Capitol Police are ELECTED by the DEMOCRATIC members of CONGRESS. They also TURNED DOWN offers by BOTH PENTAGON 2x for help from the National Guard. INSIDE JOB! The MAGA people were INFILTRATED!!

  2. Farls12

    It was a coup, just not in the way that most people think. Look at what is happening now. They are trying to use this as a reason to throw Trump out of office. People admit that the protesters were just let in. Which side ordered it to happen? Maybe the side that has been trying to get Trump thrown out, since his election day… They finally saw a good opportunity and took it

  3. Herman Cillo

    John Bolton thought he would get some cushy appointments and a lot of graft, but Trump booted him. Thus, John Bolton has been stabbing President Trump in the back since that day.

  4. Billy Gunn

    You know what would be a “coup” for you guys? If you could get an exclusive interview with Bolton’s moustache ! Ha! I kill me !

  5. John Doe

    You’d think after all of the regimes John Bolton had a hand in toppling you’d think he’d know what a real coup looks like.

  6. Joseph Douglas

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves for your unwillingness to recognize the situation for what it is. You are a disgrace to our nation.

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