Joe Biden’s CORRUPTION Is CLEAR, There Is VIDEO Evidence Of Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine


Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host YouTuber Hunter Avallone to discuss Joe Biden’s corruption, and Hunter gets to watch the video of Joe Biden’s quid pro quo offer for the first time.

Guest: Hunter Avallone @Hunter Avallone

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102 Replies to “Joe Biden’s CORRUPTION Is CLEAR, There Is VIDEO Evidence Of Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine”

  1. cozyfoxstudio

    Hunter Avalon is a typical leftist drone operating on childlike narcissism, low information and authority approved propaganda. Classic cognitive dissonance every time he mentions both parties are corrupt to give himself permission to support the virtue signaling, woke psychopaths and traitors who lie with every breath.

  2. Whysorekt

    This kid is 100% of the people on Reddit. Won’t even acknowledge anything wrong on his side WITHOUT slandering the opposition in the same breath. You can see how brainwashed these kids are.

    Reddit in a nutshell.

  3. Spartacus547

    Who is this douchebag oh my God I would give anything to hear this conversation they had after the show I bet Tim ream this guy a new asshole what a complete asshole

  4. bcaz84

    Wow I had no idea some people were this unaware of Biden’s corruption. And to think Trump putting propaganda in schools. Some people were completely brain washed

  5. Mark Woodson

    Moral equivocation is not an argument. The imbalance of accountability is what is dangerous. Our media actively covers for Democrats. The fact that this guy never knew about any of the Biden scandals shows that

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