Joe Biden Makes His Biggest Gaffe YET, Trump Campaign POUNCES Brilliantly

In a really amazing attempt to be hip and young, Joe Biden tells black voters that they ‘ain’t black’ if they vote for Donald Trump. Adam and Tim analyze whether this is a sign of virulent racism or simply a misjudged attempt to be ‘with it’. Also of interest: The ways the Trump campaign capitalizes on these gaffes, and the man behind Trump’s wildly successful campaign public relations.

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2,533 Replies to “Joe Biden Makes His Biggest Gaffe YET, Trump Campaign POUNCES Brilliantly”

  1. tropolite

    Trump has always said America has been so good to me, and I want to give back. He wants everyone in America to have the same opportunities he has had to enjoy life and be well off, America is that Dream… that is why so many people still want to come to America – for that Dream, and Trump is trying to make it more into a reality for as many people that want this.
    Trump’s not worried about anybody making money.. otherwise he’d take his salary for being President and pocket it. He’s President and is doing it for the love of the country. People are reading and listening too much of the crap media that slur Trump at every opportunity and never retract anything. He ISN’T a bad guy. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and he’ll dish it right back… but he will never start a fight but he’ll finish it.

  2. Scott Grow

    We do not want regulated cannabis. We want lawful cannabis. We want to grow it because it is a plant and people value it and many of the byproducts. We should be allowed to produce and sell unimpeded.

  3. 1 2

    Biden making the same “mistake” over and over again is telling. “Put y’all back in chains.”
    “You’re not black.”

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