Joe Biden Has Been DECLARED The President, Waiting Is Not Unprecedented

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest and artist Goerge Alexopoulos (@GPrime85 on Twitter) discuss Biden’s premature election calling.

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431 Replies to “Joe Biden Has Been DECLARED The President, Waiting Is Not Unprecedented”

  1. DIY Chad 726

    If and or when riots happen again they will only affect the leftist cities because cities that are Heavily right leaning I guarantee will not allow bad things to happen they will protect

  2. DIY Chad 726

    So I’d still love to see the documents that show that the sars covid 2 virus has been synthesized and isolated which would be the proof that the virus exists……..said documents which can be found for every other ‘virus’ ever cannot be found for the covid…….think about that one

  3. The RustiClovers

    If you are traveling to a tropical country you have to get your tropic disease vaccinations 4 – 6 weeks prior to flight.
    We’re just looking at another one of these flight restrictions.

  4. Ho Hwang

    this is what happens when low IQ loser kids major in journalism in college, most smart kids major in sciences, engineering, and business jobs jobs jobs , the dictators in China are ALL engineering majors not journalist or lawyers

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