Jack Dorsey Has Donated One THIRD Of His Net Worth To COVID Research And Other Causes

In an unusual feat for someone of his value, Jack Dorsey of Twitter has earmarked 28% of his net worth to charitable causes, including Covid-19 research.

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605 Replies to “Jack Dorsey Has Donated One THIRD Of His Net Worth To COVID Research And Other Causes”

  1. American Patriot

    I know this is slightly out of context but I remember as a kid when my 19 year old Marine Corps brother(sibling) came home from the Vietnam War, the Leftists (Hippies) called him and his brothers(Vietnam Warriors) BABY KILLERS and yet these same mindset diseased scumbags have slaughtered, chopped up, and chemically burned
    You WILL stand before God Almighty someday while pissing and shitting yourself uncontrollably while just standing in His presence and demanded an account.
    In which these evil scumbags will have none.
    No escape from the Judgment.

  2. American Patriot

    Just by the FACT we were made aware of Little Jack the Leftist messiah giving a “HUGE” some makes me say, ‘Big shit’. How’s that?
    Also, everything is relative. If someone is a friggin’ billionaire and gives 50 million dollars that is like the average person giving $50 when he has $1000 in his pocket. BIG SHIT!

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