It’s Time For The LOCKDOWN, States Start Taking The Spread Of The Virus SERIOUSLY

California, Illinois, and New York have all issued orders to lock residential movement down, allowing only essential travel. Infection rates are skyrocketing around the US, and especially in NYC. Tim and Adam discuss what it might look like down the road.

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719 Replies to “It’s Time For The LOCKDOWN, States Start Taking The Spread Of The Virus SERIOUSLY”

  1. SnorgonOfBorkkad

    It’s so transparent how desperate Tim is to make sure everyone knows how cool he is for having lived in NYC and simultaneously how smart he is for having moved out. The insecurity is palpable.

  2. Ricardo Darcangelo

    As far as digital vs physical copies of games… there’s a lot of problems with digital only; such as DRM, unable to use if not online, also the chance that you lose the game completely if your system breaks, or if the publisher decides to pull sub licences of purchased games. Then there’s the fact that it’s nice to own your copy of the game, and have a nice display of all your games. I don’t ever want things to go digital only… that’s fine if u personally prefer digital, but please don’t ever push for removal of physical copies just because you think it’s stupid. THAT’S what’s stupid

  3. Masked Doggo

    We’ve been in lockdown for 2 weeks already in Puerto Rico. They are giving $5,000 fines for being out and 6 months jail time.

    But don’t worry. The government is printing money and will cause an inflation that will wreck responsible people’s savings.

    Good job.

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