It Is Becoming A Trend To COUGH On People To Get Away With Things, What Is Going On??

It used to be that people just resisted arrest by struggling and running away. Innovative millennials have found a NEW way to show their displeasure with being legally detained: By attempting to convince those arresting them that they have coronavirus, and coughing on them.

The end of the world really brings out the best in people.

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100 Replies to “It Is Becoming A Trend To COUGH On People To Get Away With Things, What Is Going On??”

  1. Stephen Cocks

    That’s assault. Arrest the offender, and find a prosecutor/magistrate/judge who aren’t too far removed from the front-line reality to achieve justice. (The second part is the hard part)

  2. rob-roy beattie

    i am a removal specialist. [a person that removes the deceased] i work beside officers 4 or 5 times a week. only a moron would call for defunding the police! they do so much more for the community than they get credit for. RACE HAS NEVER ONCE BEEN AN ISSUE! they are not the bad guys.

  3. Lady Crystal R- U.S.A

    If I were an officer I’d risk a brutality charge for that B*tch. That’s totally attempted murder or at least assault on a police officer. I feel the same way about Ice cream lickers. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. Blake

    If you want to pay for other people health insurance then you want to pay for someone who eats 3000 calories a meal. You want to pay for the person who takes the door of a microwave and microwaves there hands for 40 min. I DONT WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR IDIOT BEHAVIOR. I do not want to pay for someone who gets sick cause they are on youtube licking toilets.

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