Isaac supports President Trump after voting Democrat his whole life

Isaac in Pennsylvania: “I’m an African American male and I voted Democrat all my life… I realized that Democrats are not really for the people, they are for themselves…. Trump is really stepping up and putting pressure on” China.

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  1. Moniqua Christensen

    Great job President Trump! Need a new moderator who is unbiased. Sleepy Joe cant answer 1 question! He and Harris are bought and paid for by China! Vote in person people. Relax Mr. President we got you. Everyone sees Biden’s true colors for past 47 yrs he did nothing. You don’t have to be in office to ask Governors to bring peace to their cities and do their job by protecting their citizens. Biden was too lazy to get out of his basement! TRUMP 2020 KAG!❤️🌹✝️

  2. Tech4All

    Good for you Isaac! We Pennsylvanians need to stop voting for Democrats! Pennsylvania is starting to become a shit hole compared to what it was when I was a kid!

  3. Appalachian Monitoring Station

    BS globalist talking pointed questions. No covid relief or foreign policy questions. Trump was debating Wallace and joe. Like 2 chickens trying to peck at an eagle. But the GREATEST moment was the look biden shot President Trump when he told him antifa would over throw him.😂 meme material!

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