Is the “China Model” the Solution for Modern States?

Is the “China Model” the solution for the rest of the world in terms of governance, sustainability, and battling the coronavirus? China’s technocratic answer of materialistic Marxism is being set up as an alternative to freedom of belief and speech worldwide. Which side are you on?

From the China Unscripted Podcast China’s Global War on Religion and Belief

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385 Replies to “Is the “China Model” the Solution for Modern States?”

  1. Braden Insley

    It isn’t China pushing this, believe it or not I believe that the CCP is being used as a scape goat for this Communist push. I am pretty sure it is actually being pushed by the Materialists that took over the UN in the 1970s…

  2. Jorge Pabon

    What is this BS? Defending religion?! I have to disagree with this man. Religion IS a problem. Not because of COVID but because they tend to do the same thing the CCP tries to do. Having faith is one thing, being religious is another.

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