Is South Korea a Puppet to China and North Korea?


Life is hell in North Korea according to North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who runs her own North Korea vlog called Voices of North Korea. Communism under Kim Jong Un and his family has devastated North Korea and lead to threats against South Korea of using a nuclear bomb. The Trump Kim summit may have been a game changer, also for US China relations, but the people of North Korea still suffer. For more, check out our interview with Yeonmi Park on China Unscripted, the best China podcast out there! Full Interview is out now!

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1,521 Replies to “Is South Korea a Puppet to China and North Korea?”

  1. LWRC

    Communist China practiced election fraud with S Korea and did the big show on the US election. Yeonmi Park is not only beautiful but very well spoken as well!!!

  2. touki egawa

    It’s TRUE ! SK is seriously at stake.
    RED MOON MUST GO ! we koreans want freedom, not coMOONism !
    Arrest Moon jain and all his minjoo thugs !!!!

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