Iran’s Shadow Empire

Iran is creating a vast web of influence across the Middle East. There is a reason that Soleimani was a terrorist.

Secular Jihadists:

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1,289 Replies to “Iran’s Shadow Empire”

  1. Speed Junkie

    I’m from Iraq
    everybody talks about Iran, USA or Saudi but all these countries and their governments are safe and sound
    nobody talks about their war grounds and the real victims of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or Yemen and the innocent people and children who suffer because of these conflicts
    especially in Iraq because the country is sandwiched exactly between Iran and Saudi, and has an almost equal number of Sunni and Shai
    also what’s breaking my heart is that no one knows or care about the events that lead to this assassination at that specific time
    it all started in October 2019, the Iraqi people around the country flooded the streets peacefully protesting the Iranian influence and the corrupt government, they were mostly activists, women, children, students from elementary to graduates, of course, they were met with guns that killed 5000 people and injured 20,000 more by Iranian militias but the protests never stopped even with the genocides
    Iran felt they were losing influence in Iraq, add to the protests that were happening simultaneously in Iran and Lebanon, so they decided to spark tension with the US to make bigger problems in Iraq, so they attacked the US embassy in Baghdad, and that’s exactly few days before the Trump gave the order to kill the fucker
    let me know if you ever need a discussion about the middle east or Iraq because I live in this mess
    Just stumbled upon your channel, nice content, I thought you are Iraqi national giving your channel name lol

  2. Rick Henwood

    Akkad. don’t know if you ever go over these comments 4 mos later but I decided watch this again and it has occurred to me, given hindsight, what do you think of the possibility that the Master Manipulator, The Art Of The Deal connoisseur himself told Iran “For retaliation you can fire missiles at Asad Base. We will pull our people (and allies) out?

  3. asavetmd

    Well, duh, they have been there for 2,500 years, so why is this is a surprise? The US hasn’t made it to 250 yet but we can’t create a web of influence anywhere because we always go back on our commitments.

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