Intersectionality Has Made Social Media A Cultural Warzone, Section 230 Reform MAY Be The SOLUTION

Tim discusses what he thinks might be able to stop the cancel culture warfare – and it’s not political parties, but (with Adam’s approval), a tool that would force people to have thicker skin and reshape the social media world – or a decentralized approach.

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1,478 Replies to “Intersectionality Has Made Social Media A Cultural Warzone, Section 230 Reform MAY Be The SOLUTION”

  1. The Cost 'of XD'

    The new “StarTrek” tried to turn the Borg into a Romulan creation, i think…. (someone said so in a video, but i don’t remember the story, lmao) in the new series Pichard…..which was kinda terrible, I’m glad Romulus …gets focus..but the story was so poorly written, especially the diagloue ….that i began screaming like that Sun ….in Rick&Morty, when they go to a new earth…. to hide from the galactic empire, anyways yeah…… the dialogue was torture, good actors, beautiful and liked women in the show but, ugh… story and their lines were awful. I dom’t even want to watch the show again -_- it cured me of my PTSD..cuz i was like IDGAF about anything anymore, just nuke the earth.

  2. JointedApollo

    Words of a famous wise man, “We can talk semantics, but…. I don’t want too.” πŸ€£πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²βœ…

  3. Ghryst VanGhod

    i just copped a 30 day faebook ban for posting a message of racial equality : “black lives dont matter any more than any other life”.
    obviously facebook considers that black lives matter more than others.
    im ready to say scrap 230 altogether if you wish.
    although id rather see an amendment making it illegal to delete anything without a court order.

  4. zirdo

    Votes don’t matter because the dems are going to fix the election by way of mail in vetoing, they’ve already set the stage,,,mail in voting has already been proven as an easy way to cheat an election and they have already caught it happening,,,the dems will say that it’s too expensive to verify votes and some states don’t require identification at all and if anyone questions their results they will sick their leftist goons on them to shut them down,,,,if Trump wins by a landslide they will do the same and you will see violence erupt everywhere and the media/propaganda machine will claim the Trump cheated and has to be removed

  5. The Jazz Monastery

    Adam, ditch the winter cap. You have nice hair. Tim should just bite it and surprise everybody and do the same.

  6. secret ghosts

    Adam gets so tired of Tim’s pettiness. Tim always has to be right and if he’s challenged he’ll “word salad” his way out of it. lol

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