643 Replies to “Internet Divided Over Airline Fight, Who Is Right?”

  1. No you

    You took the wrong side on this. The flight attendant who clearly knows that its a faux pas to recline dealt with it appropriately and you, an inexperienced flyer don’t know shit about the nuances of flight etiquette clearly.

  2. brian dwiggins

    “I wonder if previous generations were like this?” No Tim; they ween’t. No grown men would do something that babyish to a woman on an airplane. NEVER would have happened before the ’90s. I’m 63 and can assure you, for much of my lifetime had something like this happened, he would have been promised an ass whipping from male passengers if he didn’t stop that shit IMMEDIATELY. Had he continued, he’d have gotten it.

  3. Jean's Gaming

    what happens when you only have 1 side of the story -.- she is the victim even though she did wrong 1st. Kinda disappointed that they didn’t full look into this story to get her interview where she admits he was eating and she refused to give him space.

  4. DarkerfoxTech

    paused at 3:34 just to say “Its was American Airlines”, I had no choice but to say “so it was stupid. Now tho, I think all plane loading is stupid. They should force people to follow the rules and there should be a bag size and a bag count limit, all other bags should be checked period. They should also follow logic and load the plane back to front.

  5. Jiм Pickеns

    If he’s at the back of the plane, she would be reclining into him. I don’t agree with his behaviour but he had a right to be upset with her.

  6. J R's Place

    Hi Tim, I’m 58 and I can go back in time and say no, previous generations did not act like childish little assholes like the people today. Children in school that acted like monsters were disciplined and parents supported the teacher. Back in the day there were poorly behaved people but it was the exception not the rule, like it is today. We live in a selfish, narcissistic society and if today’s people were traded with people from the 40’s, we would be speaking either Japanese or German. Many people won’t understand that because they lack a basic grasp of their Nation’s history.

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