Impeachment Hearing BACKFIRES On Democrats Potentially Proving Trump Right, Even CNN Notes Problems

Impeachment Hearing BACKFIRES On Democrats Potentially Proving Trump Right, Even CNN Notes Problems. The first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry offers no new information, at least no new real information.

So far all we really have is questions about Burisma and Hunter Biden’s role in the company and whether the president should seek an investigation into potential corruption. The left on the other hand is running themselves crazy by claiming that second hand stories about a fourth parties opinion are somehow credible evidence.

Even CNN was quick to point out that these witnesses have never even met the president. What’s more is that they didn’t seem to know about the Ukrainian election interference in 2016. The story from Politico was even entered into the record with Adam Schiff acknowledging it.

Assuming Politico is correct then it stands to reason that there may be deep corruption in Ukraine dealing with US interests. Assuming thats the case we can at least seek an investigation into whether the claims are true, thats what Trump did.

All we learned is that unelected officials seem to disagree with Trump’s foreign policy and were ignorant of why he might be seeking an investigation. Democrats are either ignoring the facts or acting like its all fake news. Its not.

In the end we have only moved toward a reason to carry out Trump’s investigation into Burisma and the Biden’s and nothing proves Trump did anything wrong.

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1,386 Replies to “Impeachment Hearing BACKFIRES On Democrats Potentially Proving Trump Right, Even CNN Notes Problems”

  1. Juniper Moss

    1:15 in, you’ve straight up said “don’t question the president.” yeah that’s not reeking of authoritarianism.

  2. Juniper Moss

    I’m 30 seconds in and already spot logical fallacies. Hunter Biden being corrupt does not give trump any right to a quid pro quo. Democrats recognizing this while still holding that Trump abused his presidential powers in an impeachable offense does not contradict. I’ve been here 30 seconds and you’ve exposed yourself as a dumbass already, I’m actually impressed

  3. Charlton Jones

    @Tim_Pool, not a big fan of Trump myself, but very Voltarian when it comes to the Bill of Rights. Find it amazing the Democrats who claim to be the ONLY defenders of our civil rights, seem to think it is ok to accuse and try President Trump in the press and without regard to his First, Fourth and Faith Amendment Rights.

  4. Eisah Vakohler

    I just sat down to watch part of the Impeachment trial and Tim couldn’t be more right. I got about two minutes in and wanted to punch Adam Schiff for how irritating he is. Sitting there reading quotes by Alexandar Hamilton for completely unrelated things that in no way represent what is happening currently and blabbering on like this is story time.

    Give us FACTS you stupid, bloodsucking vultures. FACTS. I don’t care if you don’t like Donald Trump. If I wanted to go to story-time I can apply for a library card. Give us cold, hard facts. Stop wasting our time with your idiocy.

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