1. Gitana Shimmy

    Can’t be a coincidence. Why are police behaving theirself UNTIL there’s an upcoming election? I think we’d be surprised to learn how how much the deep state actually controls.

  2. Gitana Shimmy

    I’ve never seen the video of the elderly vet being beaten and I never wanted to see it. I wish you would have warned us, BCP. I’m siting here crying. The vet looked just like my dad. I can’t handle seeing things like that. I figured youtube’s warning was because you were telling truths they didn’t want us to here – even more than usual.

  3. Starfire Horizon

    Man It Would Be A Shame If The Police Involved In These Events Were Found To Be Somehow Tied To People In Antifa & The Underhanded Dem Radical Groups Perpetuating The **Idea** Of Complete & Incurable Racial Injustice…

  4. HELLanor Rigby

    Just FYI trying to watch on my tv YouTube won’t let it play… keeps wanting me to confirm. Had to go to my phone to make it work. 😒

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