1. Cindy Shaw

    When this first came out, there were pictures and it turned out to be a rope that is tied to create a handle for the garage door that was there for a period of time before the incident.


    I’ve watched your videos for at least a year or two, your channel is one of my primary go-to everyday. Today, We are toys, chess pieces, to our “leaders”. Here in this democrat hellhole where my once-cherished home is located, the homicide rate is highest ever (within past 2 days 2 homicides within one mile of my house) and we have a mayor who panders to demands to defund police; stores are ordered to bar us from entering without a mask but I have not and will not comply. Partisan mayor who got down in the street marching with “protestors” without mask, chanting No Justice No Peace, now he claims his life has been threatened, and as with many such claims, it involves hanging of course. Now mainstream media is enraptured with his charlatan. I WANT OUT, that is my goal, even though housing values are dropping by the day due to this crap. I want to find a quiet place away from all this democrat and rino crap. This is most inconvenient at this time of my life and will have little assistance making it happen. I’m angry, anxious, sad depressed but most of all FED THE HELL UP. Mostly my home is my only asset that I invested heart, soul, money and labor into and its being destroyed. My other valuable asset is my gun and ammo.

  3. Mary Holschbach

    Can we please just let this go? We’re probably hurting a sensitive person with keeping this alive. Sorry BCP, this is about all outlets keeping this alive. I understand it’s part of the narrative but, I personally feel, NASCAR overreacted and pulled Bubba in. They should know that, and this my feeling also, Bubba has a history of letting his emotions get the best of him rather than asking himself if we can just talk calmly about an issue. Thank you. Many Blessings.

  4. Sandra Collins

    I feel really bad for black people. These Marxist are using them, their history to ruin everything. Then when blame gets placed, I bet they blame blacks. Wait and see.

  5. Sandra Collins

    As a former NASCAR fan, I’m pissed they accused of being racists and then don’t have the guts to apologize to us. Bubba Skillet has killed nascar. Get woke go broke.

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