Hunter Biden’s China Deals Under Investigation | Honey Trap Spy Targets Politicians

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for his China dealings. A suspected Chinese spy named Fang Fang, or Christine Fang, may have laid honey traps for American politicians, like Rep. Eric Swalwell. Senator Tom Cotton criticizes Wall Street for selling out to China. The FBI goes after China’s “Fox hunters” in the US. The US State Department under Mike Pompeo sanctions more Chinese Communist officials over the crackdown in Hong Kong. Huawei is building facial recognition cameras to spy on Uyghurs.

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708 Replies to “Hunter Biden’s China Deals Under Investigation | Honey Trap Spy Targets Politicians”

  1. Danny H. Dao

    Lol, this channel has become the cesspool of anti-china, right-wing nutjobs! Truly, where there’s demand, there’ll be supply. And anti-china has become quite a lucrative business! These guys are basically performers for their lunatic losers! But I have to admit, it’s quite entertaining! Please, keep up the great show!

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