Here’s WHY Donald Trump Has To Win, China Needs To Be STOPPED

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski talk about the ways China has advantage of its own people – and the US.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange on Twitter, @WeAreChange on YouTube)

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989 Replies to “Here’s WHY Donald Trump Has To Win, China Needs To Be STOPPED”

  1. Marcos

    In my county in southern California, the Sheriff’s did not enforce the curfews. Smart because it in fact does violate our 1st because we gathered on private property

  2. JanPBtest

    One important thing that China _must_ be told is: forget “one China”, forget Taiwan, forget Hong-Kong. They will NEVER be yours. In order for “one China” to really happen is for the communists to step down, just like it happened in eastern Europe in 1989. Here is a quick summary of how communists work and how to talk to them: (1) they are communists first, nationals second, (2) they basically operate like a mafia or a gangster system (the famous Polish writer Gustaw Herling whose book “A World Apart” was the very first to describe the Soviet gulag system right after WWII, 30 years before Solzhenitsyn) was fond of saying that in order for a Westerner to understand communists all he has to do is watch a bunch of American gangster movies – this statement is FAR deeper than it may appear at first, trust me, I lived under communism for 25 years), (3) the _only_ language they understand is naked power. The _only_ argument in negotiations that will truly carry any weight with them is not fine lawyering and nice treaties signing but _banging your fist on the table_ and following up on it. That’s one reason Reagan was able to push Soviets to their knees by simply saying enough of treaty-signing, now we need _deeds._ (4) tell China the sooner they forget about their dreams about Taiwan and Hong Kong, the better for them. The _only_ way for China to re-unify is for them (the communist government) to step down and dissolve, transferring power to a normal political body. Anything other than that will be met with a total opposition on all fronts – they have to be told this in no uncertain terms.

    Needless to say, Biden won’t be able to do any of this, the main reason being that the Chinese have the entire dossier on the Hunter-and-Joe Biden money laundering scheme, they won’t even have to explicitly say anything to them, the Bidens will “know” instinctively, without any reflecting on it, how to “behave”.

    • gaspa _mgasp_am

      Not in this case in the context of which Tim and the other guy were talking. The central bank in that case it’s just an intermediate that’s making basically a market maker fee and they’re sitting back while watching

      They have no control over china’s actions really but they have no problem making money in the meantime

      If china wanted they could turn to the central banks and say suck my dick and then dump all of the US debt they’re holding and destroy the global market in an instant, so the central bank isn’t holding the cards in this equation

      But they are nefarious in many other situations

  3. Joey Cap

    There exists a powerful mind virus that has infected most of the population, it has manifested itself as extreme social ideologies with both the right and the left through highly advanced and manipulative algorithms. One side shows infection, the other exhibits social antibodies, but both sides suffer. Not sure what the antidote is

    • Anti Dimaryp

      I’m Filipino of Chinese descent and I’m telling you, communist china is the enemy of humanity. I don’t care if my Chinese compatriots will disown me because the Chinese people now, being so subservient to evil totalitarian communist china, is worse than Nazi Germany, and I say WORSE.

    • Zy 35

      @Marcus Chang numbers isnt everything especially in war America spends a shit ton of money every year on military making china look pathetic boots on the ground still matter but not nearly as much as they use to

    • Beuwen The Dragon

      China is the biggest threat to the Globe.

      The Democrats are the Biggest Threat to America….

      If the American People sit back while the Democrsts take power, the United States will be destroyed long before China gets their shot at it…

      Liberty by Ballots or Bullets.

      We’ve tried the Ballots…..

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