Harvard Professor Says ALIEN TECH Passed Earth, Largest Space Object Had EXTRATERRESTRIAL Design??

Tim, Luke, and Lydia host Drew Hernandez from TheOfficerTatum.com and Elijah Schaffer of Slightly Offensive/The Blaze to get various takes on the breaking news that a Harvard professor believes that aliens actually did send their tech near the earth just a few years ago.

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1,417 Replies to “Harvard Professor Says ALIEN TECH Passed Earth, Largest Space Object Had EXTRATERRESTRIAL Design??”

  1. john muir

    lol meet two entities on my 2nd and last DMT trip, Nothing overwhelmingly Positive nor Negative. I got hit with the geometric moving shapes, then I entered “Astro plane” if you will. These entities stumbled across me and like they knew I wasn’t meant to be there practically trip sat me so I wouldn’t lose my mind in a bad trip. Felt like I was baby, my best analogy for it would be like if you found a baby on the side of the road, but you knew that baby would disappear in five to ten minutes. So all you do is keep that baby comfortable for that five to ten. As I was coming out of it they left. I through out the rest of the DMT. Just to clarify I was alone when I smoked it these entities weren’t like mates that were around. I did acid once or twice after this my experience chemical smile that you can’t wipe off your face with a constant rush of dopamine. nothing like DMT. Fuck this turnt into a long post. PSA don’t do drugs kids but I still fuck with the THC.


    That which is supernatural is not limited to what is naturally observed. The word supernatural means beyond the natural created order. It’s a logical misunderstanding to assume because we observe things naturally, there can’t be an exception caused by something outside of our limited natural bodies.

  3. prism

    Prepare for a fake and ghey “alien revelation”. Fr. Seraphim Rose’s “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” has a section on UFO phenomena which convincingly argues that the best explanation for UFO phenomena is demonic activity. The main points that struck me were:

    1. UFO experiences almost always lead to negative psychological effects spanning years after the events with a direct correlation between the significance of the encounter (seeing a light in the sky versus prolonged presence of very close objects versus claiming to actually see beings coming out of those objects, abductions, etc.) and the negative effects.

    2. Non-physical phenomena being common, e.g. objects moving unnaturally fast/not obeying ordinary laws of friction or mass. Try on Occam’s razor in this case: Is it more likely that material is operating in a new way, or that you are observing an illusion? If you go with new physics, try your perspective on magician’s tricks as well.

    3. Correlation between occult “magic”/witchcraft/psychedelics and UFO phenomena. There is a significant correlation between people attempting to communicate with “entities” and even openly embracing witchcraft/”magic” and the added use of psychoactive substances with successful attempts to communicate with the “entities”. Again, ask why you should dismiss the accounts of Orthodox saints/priests but still entertain the unfounded belief that extraterrestrial “entities” are analogous to a more technologically advanced humanity.

  4. John Knight

    When the “nonbelievers” ask “Where’s the evidence?” (after hearing someone tell them he saw/knew first-hand, a possessed kid who did amazing things. . ?) , they are asking for something that would allow them to “believe” without “faith”, essentially, they are asking for something that the God (via Jesus) of the Book declared He would not provide (anymore). He did such blatant things that would convince anyone who witnessed them numerous times (including miraculous things Jesus did). He says He’ll help you to “believe” (if you can muster up enough “faith” in yourself to ask for evidence YOU can observe), but, He’s simply not going to make it “socially safe” to believe in Him by way of blatant public displays anymore. Jesus speaking;

    “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” and again;

    “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

    He’s knocking . . I suggest you “open the door”, and ask for the evidence that will convince you. I did, once upon a time, when I was not a “believer”, and to my utter amazement I was provided with very convincing evidence . . but nothing that would allow me to provide you with such things . . you need to ask Him.

    • Se7enPr1me

      Wow. What an incredibly boring and predictable read. You people really need to come up with new allegories and metaphors at least. Ive heard the “jesus is knocking on the door” schtick a million times. Since christians destroyed my ancestors culture and history the least you can do is be entertaining about your evangelism. 2/5 unoriginal and uninspired. Im being generous because i like how you spaced you clauses and paragraphs apart. Nice touch.

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