Harvard Grad Who Lost Job Over Edgy Video RETURNS With Tearful Video Blaming Trump Supporters

A Harvard graduate recently came into the public eye after a video of her joking about censoring those with opposing viewpoints went viral, but cancel culture came for this cancel-happy social media queen when she lost her job because of her strong opinion. To follow up, she released another similarly-viral video where her tears are abundant.

The beanie crew spars over whether firing someone over such actions is appropriate or just another tendril of cancel culture.

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3,075 Replies to “Harvard Grad Who Lost Job Over Edgy Video RETURNS With Tearful Video Blaming Trump Supporters”

  1. George Funkhouser

    Threatening to stab people is a threat people don’t want to hire people who threatens people’s lives just like drug addicts you think for once people want to hire long term drug addicts and criminals because they don’t want to take the risk of something happening in the work place it’s not discriminating against people will not hire pot heads because they don’t want the risk of someone doing pot in the work place and getting the work place shut down some people won’t even hire smokers cause it’s a health issue

  2. David Clark

    It’s so great that she lost her internship I love it and those tears keep filling my cup up you liberals keep filling it up I love it it wasn’t a joke she was trying to be relevant and get her five minutes of fame but it backfired

  3. Larry Cole

    These people have made their self unemployable, with the media that we have today it was unavoidable, and the technology made it to where they can’t even hide behind a mask, you play you pay

  4. DareToLive

    Remember when all these celebrities and public figures told us how the Rainbow Nation would be a country free from oppression, racial injustice, intolerance, ect. ect. Where are any of their voices now that it is a place of all those evils , against whites ? Wake up America…it is coming here.

  5. Mecha-Art

    Those tears are fake. She is just manipulating the current situation she is in. She will continue to do these stupid things later on.

  6. James William Kristnofe

    She said sheer caucacity while wearing blue contacts. Her last name iscjhanover not to mention she filmed most of hervideous at a nice house luxury apartment obviously education and housing is paid for by well to do upstanding parentshe is more privileged than anyone I know. And the woman is extremely beautiful……. I’m like whaaaaaat

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