GOP BLOCKS Democrat Stimulus, Pushing Bill For $2k Checks PLUS Removing Section 230

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host guest musician, Blaze commentator, and fellow YouTuber Eric July discuss news of Mitch McConnell’s move against the Democrat stimulus package.

Guest: Eric July
YouTube: @YoungRippa59
Twitter: @EricDJuly

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Luke: @LukeWeAreChange (Twitter) @WeAreChange (YouTube)
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Lydia: @SourPatchLyds (Twitter), @Ultr4violet (Instagram)
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784 Replies to “GOP BLOCKS Democrat Stimulus, Pushing Bill For $2k Checks PLUS Removing Section 230”

  1. Mighty Gorge

    people wo are calling themselve progressive is the equivalent of people calling themselve smart but are failing miserably in life

  2. Mighty Gorge

    accepting that cash and highering inflation…. people in 20 years will make fun of millenials as they do right now of boomers… ok millenial thanks to you my job is in china and a can of coke cost like 9$

  3. Song Han

    Tim sold out. repealing section 230 gives social media the choice to be ether publishers and censor and regulate content or to be just a platform for other ppl to put there content without censorship. Best thing ever.

  4. dezz nutz

    McConnell could offer $20K and House Dems wouldnt go for it because they know 230A is a political tool that helps them. Its ALL abut power and control.

  5. David Ouillette

    @tim You need to do some research…. With cryptocurrency you CAN’T just print money out of thin air. Each coin must be earned before it is created. That is why Bitcoin is worth so much. There is always a limited supply of the currency.

  6. Steve Currier

    I paid into SSI for over 50 years, it is my money that is being paid back to me. If LBJ had left it alone, there wouldn’t be a problem. But he wanted to create another plantation to keep the blacks under control and voting for the Demorats as he put it, “for the next 200 years”.

  7. DarkProvidence420

    Tim, if they remove smaller channels without section 230 protections they become a publisher and incur civil liability. They could be sued in a massive class action suit. Repealing section 230 effectively prevents any form of moderation of the site.

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