Forget About Term Limits, Is It Time To Put AGE Limits On Our Public Offices??

Tim, Ian, and Seamus from FreedomToons (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) analyze whether age limits are a necessary rule for our elected and appointed officials.

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857 Replies to “Forget About Term Limits, Is It Time To Put AGE Limits On Our Public Offices??”

  1. derpion derpson

    So, the conspiracy theorist in my speculate that maybe Nancy is pretending to make a gaff because this can be used as a way to put Biden in a better light…
    If this is accurate we should expect to see a lot more high profile dems do the same sort of stuff soon…

  2. Martin J

    I don’t think the age per se is that much of an issue rather that people tend to get stuck in the time period they grew up, “the good ol’ days”, and has a hard time keeping up with the current day and age. I mean if you grew up in the 50’s – 60’s and hold those days as the “hight of humanity” they might not be as progressive as the times require or might overcompensate to show how current and progressive they are, i.e. “Hello fellow kids”. Then there’s also all the medical issues that comes with old age though some are stronger than others but to me it’s mostly that they might have a hard time keeping up with the times, f.ex. all the technological and medical innovations that comes at a more and more rapid pace. That’s the biggest issue for me when it comes to age restrictions.

    Lifetime appointments is another beast alltogether. If you sit there for life you’re also set for life and don’t have any reason to risk anything real nor stand up for anything. If you have a term limit (say 4 years) but can be re-elected times infinity it’s also in your best interest to excel at your work and show that having you as a representative does make a difference. I don’t like life time appointments, it promotes stagnation, so imo there should be terms for all governmental positions and appointments.

  3. James Satchwill

    I was actually talking to someone at work a month or so about our old mayor who was in office for like 40 years and one of the family doctors in town who’s like 80. But that led to us saying that maybe those jobs have age restrictions and ones like Congress have limits of 10-20 years. After a certain age you could be a advisor or something but not hold the job

  4. Doc Phil

    War Games with Matthew Broderick up against the W.H.O.P.P.E.R “Thermal Nuclear War” why do I remember that! lmao…pretty good movie actually

  5. Integrated Performance Solutions

    That was an awful attempt at explaining David Sinclair‘s work on resveratrol, NR, and NMN, not to mention the research is on worms, and there is ZERO human data.

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