Forget About Term Limits, Is It Time To Put AGE Limits On Our Public Offices??

Tim, Ian, and Seamus from FreedomToons (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) analyze whether age limits are a necessary rule for our elected and appointed officials.

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857 Replies to “Forget About Term Limits, Is It Time To Put AGE Limits On Our Public Offices??”

  1. Joseph Giles

    No. I know some people in their nineties and even hundreds who are sharper than some in their 60s or 70s. Perhaps require a yearly cognitive test for those over 70. Scoring lower than a low designated score would determine forced retirement.

  2. Christine Garcia

    Age has nothing to do with mental competency and coherency. Case in point, Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi has also having competency issues in the last year.

  3. Ho Lee Shi

    not so much age limits, cognitive tests, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders are still incredibly well-spoken(no matter if you agree or disagree with them, they aren’t gaffe machines) and cognitively there despite being older than Biden. but YES, term limits, no one should work in the government for more than 10 years

  4. Ross Lambert

    Term limits. Age limits. Cognitive tests. Drug tests. All information is public. They are public servants, there is no expectation of privacy.

  5. Robert Kemp

    I would say yes, but older people should not have to give up their ability to be represented by people who understand their particular needs, values and concerns. Young people seem to value older people less and less each year. They still have value and purpose and should still have their interests represented.

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