Food Shortages Threaten Societal Structure As Factories Shut Down, Farmers Dump Food

In keeping with our theme of societal breakdown, the next article on the docket is about the wasting of perfectly good food in some instances and the shortage of other foods.

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971 Replies to “Food Shortages Threaten Societal Structure As Factories Shut Down, Farmers Dump Food”

  1. TUCK - Hidden Values

    Mad Max! Thunderdome. I’m old — traveling back home in my truck through 6 states at end of March, I automatically referred to my trip as being through the Thunderdome…. 😉

  2. TUCK - Hidden Values

    15:00 – Vegan food going last….In OKC mid-march. That first crazy weekend, no TP, no frozen pizza.

  3. Joyce Jackson

    Well Tim. First let me tell you I’m sorry that I didnt see this 2 weeks ago. I personally think the ranchers and farmers outta do a tea party on the state governors arressses. And when we in the heart land gotta kill the chickens , cattle, pigs they should leave all the bloody carcasses on the law at the Capitols and have P.ET.A in thier nut over the outrage of animals being killed. Because we are importing crappy meat half as good as USDA meat. Give me a break. Wake up. Stand up in the city’s and just say … hella no. We want fresh good meat let China have the crap from oversea shipped there not here. We are forced to sell to China Because trump cant get any trade deals that don’t screw the American farmers. Peace out. Meat party on the lawn 2020 man !

  4. Kevin Twomey

    Better do your research before you start making assumptions. Lots of people take your every word to heart.

  5. Steve Thedford

    Dude that’s just not fair what you are saying. Physically I am stronger than most and have done my best to keep that way. However if someone like me has a problems with breathing due to birth defect that’s not caused by bad behavior. I know you guys are sometimes just running off at the mouth but I and others would appreciate if you would mind your assumptions. At this point I believe we should nationalize our our foreign owned food companies.

  6. Classic_Killr2244

    I love the way Americans pronounce Newfoundland, given it is spelt the way they pronounce it but still amusing.

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