430 Replies to “Flor immigrated with her mom. Her mom had written the question she asked, but she recently passed”

  1. You know who I am

    Hello I’m a U.S citizen who came from China. I’m here to support President Trump. I’ve been called a Chinese spy by a lot of people in the past even though I’ve condemned the Chinese government for all of their crimes, and the main reason I moved to the United States of America was because of the better opportunities and it’s freedom. I recently got my U.S citizenship after 4 years. Before that I waited 10 years in China for my green card. That’s one of the reason why I hate people who can come to this country by flipping over a wall. I do not wish for this country to become a authoritarian communist regime so please don’t vote for Biden. Trump 2020!

  2. James M

    Trump is a very kindhearted man. America is very welcoming to immigrants, but their transition must be done legally, not by flinging open our doors to unchecked peoples…

  3. Simon Tide

    Cubans didn’t flee their homeland to vote for Communism. They here for American Dream to be successful. We need dreamers not looters.

  4. George Mallory

    Those who squelched Hydroxychloroquine have tremendous evil in their hearts and blood on their hands. They killed a LOT of people. Death panels actually exist.

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