Feminists REFUSE To Follow Isolation Precautions, March In Protest In Pandemic-Stricken Spain

Just days before the WHO declaration of coronavirus as a global pandemic and in defiance of public pressure to socially-distance, Spanish feminists chose to take to the streets to voice their displeasure with ‘the patriarchy,’ specifically pointing out that toxic masculinity has killed more than the virus. In an ironic twist, Spain is now one of the hardest-hit countries in the world. Adam and Tim discuss how civil liberties are shaping up in the time of pandemic.

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100 Replies to “Feminists REFUSE To Follow Isolation Precautions, March In Protest In Pandemic-Stricken Spain”

  1. DjRenect

    Bunch of arrogant cunts. I could understand if they were protesting a dictatorship. The situation for women in Spain (if there is anything to bitch about) is not worth the risk.

  2. Pro Toss - #ExposeBillGates

    WTF …the symbol they show from thumbnal …DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THAT IS ?! Because those people certainly DON’T. This triangle, that either you place your eye behind or lick into like govern’mind pedophile rings (piramid-eye like Jay’Z and others, and licking into was shown by Jim Carry on TV).
    Cultist play them like a Drum! Same like this “peace” or “horns” symbol that also satanist show…or “perfect” that is also 666 with fingers.
    Man…it’s crazy times – but yea, whole SEXWARS are social engineered agenda, obviously. This will fallow up with mandatory cloning, DNA/gene manipulation program/eugenics, trafficing and legalized pedophilia. After Corona scam hunger period cannibalism might be a thing to, just sold as “laboratory made” meat first to “Break the ice”. Whatever…you will see yourself. Every one has to choose on their own, no escape.

  3. David Porter

    YES!!! Absolutely let them gather en masse!!!!!! Please, no one interfere!!!! I encourage all feminists worldwide to join their Spanish counterparts, hold hands, and kiss very affectionately!!! Especially strangers!! Show your support for each other!! Especially those you don’t personally know!!! KISS IN SOLIDARITY!!!!!

  4. Little Debbie Yvonne

    I need all the facts before I submit.
    Also, states that people should stay in quarantine despite not having all the facts that it actually works.

  5. william nicholson

    Pandemic does not remove rights despite what tyrants claim. They have a right to do so yet the population density and lack of spacing was ill advised. People have the right to make the wrong decision for themselves. I mean my body my choice right?

  6. Topsie Currets

    Honestly only gamers, vet’s and medical workers understood the seriousness of the pandemic.
    Everyone els i talked too truly didnt understand the seriousness of what was going on.
    Im completely unsurprised by people ignorance.
    Take the stupidest person you know, then realise half of the population is stupider than that.

  7. 1504245

    Yes they should gather. If they want to take that risk then maybe, just maybe, a few idiots will die and the world will be a better place. Those who knew them should have just avoided them knowing they had gone there.

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