483 Replies to “Feminist Politics Has Made Dating Nearly IMPOSSIBLE”

  1. Missy Misanthrope

    I have trouble dating cause I’m a prude. Guys on dating apps start with the sexual crap immediately. And I dress pretty conservatively so I don’t really get approached in public either. Guys see us only for sex since “sex positive” feminism gives them what they want without any obligation to date. Lose/lose all around. I have had 3 boyfriends in my life. And only had sex with one. All long distance too, which is why it never works out. I just wish I could find a guy CLOSE to me who wants to talk and sees me as a human being.

  2. shaun lawrie

    I’m never going after a woman again. I refuse to give them that power over me. Any time I ask a girl out it’s like its somehow a huge pain in their ass. Oh yeah, so sorry someone finds you attractive and wants to get to know you better. I guess that’s creepy and weird now. Well you know what? I think its creepy and weird that you spend all your time randomly hooking up with people on the internet. You know what I find attractive in a woman? Some fucking humility. Someone that doesnt believe they are gods gift to this earth. But apparently that’s rare now since society has been giving girls a princess complex over the past 20 years.

    So now I work on myself. I work out, I try to make more money, I have a fantastic moustache, I have fun doing what I want to do on my schedule and I am free. Someday when some woman wants to be part of my fantastic existence shes going to have to prove to me why she deserves to live in the castle I built and many will be found wanting.

    • Elder Yautja

      Amen, brother. It’s such a weight off your shoulders when you accept that you don’t HAVE to play this ridiculous and rigged game. By the time your castle is built you won’t even want a woman in it anyway; around the age of 35 the male sex drive dies down. You’re still fit, it just doesn’t rule you any more. You can take it or leave it, and with your newfound clarity being able to weigh the reward compared to the hassle, you end up just leaving it.

  3. Belle Toro

    all the feminazis i know HAVE men already. they are just soy boy cucks who slobber and nod along with everything they say

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