Federal Agents Are BLACK-BAGGING Rioters On The Streets In Portland, Is The Hammer FALLING??

Portland rioters are crying foul and crying in general as federal agents in unmarked vehicles appear to be forcibly taking them in for questioning (but doing nothing more). Tim and Adam discuss this strategy and whether this will be a good move in the long run.

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3,201 Replies to “Federal Agents Are BLACK-BAGGING Rioters On The Streets In Portland, Is The Hammer FALLING??”

  1. Randy Allgood

    Trump is well within the law to protect federal property’s and grab the rioters that are committing crimes against the federal law and local laws which wouldn’t be happening if the local leaders were doing their jobs like they are paid tax dollars to do !

  2. Deckard Cain

    I went where they are going. All I did was point out the Nixon’s Wage Price Freeze was the first step towards a Soviet Style Command Economy. 28 months. For “using my words”. Ok, I used them on some powerful people, but still.

  3. doorran

    this happens when leftism becomes the government. you no longer have rights. how would you know they are fedeeral agents? they could be anyone. They could even be local police acting like the federeal government. If it is the federeal govnerment they are acting not in cooperation with the out of control local government. we’ve seen this before in Chicago, people being detained and taken to black sites without official record of arrest… By the way, miranda rights apply even if the active “invstigation” is over or not started.

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