Fear Of Possible ERUPTION Of Yellowstone Stirred Again By PULSING Area The Size Of Chicago

Yellowstone is doing mysterious things again, and it’s making people uncomfortable… Again. Over the course of one year, a chunk of the park the size of CHICAGO has moved notably, and scientists aren’t entirely sure what it means. It’s PROBABLY the end of the world, especially given all the other crazy things going on, from the obvious to the aligning of the stars and the early Spring equinox (In all seriousness, it probably doesn’t mean anything, but it’s just one more crazy event).

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1,523 Replies to “Fear Of Possible ERUPTION Of Yellowstone Stirred Again By PULSING Area The Size Of Chicago”

  1. Rattle 7511

    And Yellowstone misconceptions pass on to yet another generation, no it is not “over due”, no it does not erupt every 500,000 years. It’s a volcano not an alarm clock with a set time to go off. Like all other volcanoes on earth it has to have at least 50% melt in the chamber and consistent pressure in the volcano to reach eruption phase. The most recent seismic wave scans shows only 15% melt in the chamber and the rise and fall of the land shows no consistent pressure in the volcano. If you truly want to know about the volcano read scientific papers instead of sensationalized media articles

  2. Randy Pullum

    Old nukes are highly radioactive because they’re inefficient, the newer higher yield ones are actually less radioactive because more of the actual nuclear material in it is detonated

  3. NikovK

    American strategic weapons were for bursts at altitude for blast pressure and the widest possible damage with less radioactive material. The Soviet weapons were for lower altitude or surface bursts for more radioactive fallout. There were neutron bombs that were a brief burst of radiation to knock out troops or tanks without damaging infrastructure or lingering radioactive contamination. The Soviets considered these the perfect capitalist weapons; kill the meat, not the metal.

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