Fate Of A Minneapolis Man In Police Custody Raises Questions About Racism, Policing

The recent case of George Floyd causes Tim and Adam to pause and analyze whether racism is getting better, worse, or evolving, spurred on by a combination of factors in an endless loop.

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2,195 Replies to “Fate Of A Minneapolis Man In Police Custody Raises Questions About Racism, Policing”

  1. SikoSoft

    Watching this video for the first time nearly a month after the fact.

    Really happy to hear Tim’s position, reluctance to immediately jump to race, eagerness to see the story from both sides, focus on civil liberties, and overall the nuance that brings me coming back to his material after all these years.

  2. Jim Bob

    lol at first they’re complaining it didnt say a black man then they’re like oh wow look it says a black man so divisive. wtf is this podcast anymore?

  3. cyber6sapien

    Bail reform is an easy fix. Set the accused loose but tag them. Put a tracking band on them and if they remove it, THEN they will be put in prison if they are recaptured.

  4. cyber6sapien

    What Tim seems to be missing is that the Constitution was not crafted with black people as equals in mind. So there are many people in positions of power who don’t see black people as equals or even as humans. That’s why racism is so pernicious.

  5. Alex Miller

    I’m glad adam is here because it shows that Tim isn’t in an echo chamber and isn’t letting his opinion be influenced by untruth just because it’s coming from his friend.

  6. Rafael Kresmar

    Adams take seems like from the 90’s claiming that the media is trying to push African Americans as Dangerous. That hasn’t been the case in quite alot of years and it’s at this point pretty much the opposite, the direct reaction is claiming that an innocent unarmed black men got killd by racist cops.

    The guy was probably killed by a cop for minor incident but the claim that this was racism or that the media doesn’t report this as an race issue is a joke. Even in Germany this is reported as a racist cops issue. Adam really seems like he wants more race-baiting which is not the vibe I get from Tim.

    Anyway I believe that America does have a police brutality issue, but at the same time I think that the media is pushing these issues to a point where the backlash does more damage to the people rather than those responsible, since I don’t think there’s a systemic problem with racism or brutality in regards to cops. But we won’t get to the bottom of this issue because the media prefers to do race baiting and claim that the problem is that these cops wouldn’t do this to a white guy…

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