Fake Leftist Outrage EXPOSED After Elon Musk Defies Lockdown Orders, Trump Tweets DEFENSE Of Elon

Leftists Fake Outrage At Elon Musk For Reopening Tesla Factory, Trump Tweets DEFENSE Of Elon. Alameda County confirms that Elon has reopened his factory in defiance of their health orders.

Leftists and Democrats feigned outrage over Elon reopening his factory in California and it is weird and creepy.

Gavin Newsom and Donald Trump both seem to agree its time to start manufacturing back up yet for some reason democrats like Lorena Gonzales and many lefitsts are pretending Elon is doing something wrong.

His employees have a choice to come to work and some are choosing not to so why feign outrage?


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2,380 Replies to “Fake Leftist Outrage EXPOSED After Elon Musk Defies Lockdown Orders, Trump Tweets DEFENSE Of Elon”

  1. Patricia Mogg

    The left is trying to destroy America. They have an agenda and it’s not a good one for the American people.

  2. Daniel Ben-Avraham

    Looking at Deagel forecast of US population reduction and economic collapse is telling, first 68 million people by 2025 and then upgraded to 100 million. Moving upward to redemption. Deagel supposedly a Rockefeller organization. Now the fake China Virus pandemic experiences mass awakening and debunking. That looks controlled as well. The response by the manipulators is keep controlled instability and separation at all costs. When the virus narrative starts crumbling they shift again to social unrest. Instability, division and fear is the only factor or constant. Consider reverse psychology. Stage a black killing and then riots. So convenient the emotion raising killing was filmed for distribution. A return to the pre-virus hoax narrative. Another massive threat to “freedom”. Threaten US with Communist attack on all fronts and it creates greater unity. A new cold war, a “New Pearl Harbor” (from 9/11). Orwell’s 1980, a divided world, Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia and Disputed territories. One world government lacks stress that stimulates growth and production. Fear = motivation to run, “they” create the fear and point to the predetermined place of safety. Use the illusion of a divided world to control. Fear based sheeple react and run. Unity as in communism is programed to = stagnancy and death. Something to be avoided at all costs. Unity is bad = WORK HARD to remain “free”. Remember the world model is duality, day/night, good/bad, positive/negative all illusions. One day = day/night. But currency moves electrically within a circuit when there is inequality or imbalance. Resistance is the point of tapping the currency. Banking system=electrical farming/Matrix. Intentional polarity communist/capitalist is the battery the elite create, humans the electrons, fear the currency. The world in which we live.

  3. Datum Mann

    Robert Reich (7:55) was the radical Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Reich is a mediocre “economist” with impressive educational credentials whose whole life since 2016 has been devoted to an obsessive hatred for Donald Trump. He is a prolific economic critic, not a visionary.

  4. Greg Hanson

    You have it backwards. The dems haven’t had an original thought in decades, they take their marching orders from the media moguls not the other way around.

  5. Sedated By life

    Hospitals aren’t being overrun because the virus isn’t as bad as they’ve been screaming it is. The employees are being laid off because governors suspended elective surgeries and other diagnostics

  6. kristina erickson

    The only way you can stay home is if other people don’t. Acting like it’s easy to stay home and its selfish to not is the actual definition of privilege. I live in a small community and we are working very hard with little to no help from the State and Fed to keep our community safe and economically viable. People are picking up groceries for their at risk neighbors. People are going out of their way to support local businesses. We have for now successfully protected our LTC facilities. But, even with our community effort. The Democratic Governor has done nothing to support local businesses or our LTC. He continues to push Coivid patients into LTC facilities. He refuses to allow TOGO alcohol sales to help support these businesses. A move that would cost nothing. We still had to pay state liquor license fees. While we couldn’t sell any liquor for two months. Its absolutely disgusting.

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