Facebook SUED By Leftists Over Kenosha Kid, This Will BACKFIRE Helping Conservatives

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1,388 Replies to “Facebook SUED By Leftists Over Kenosha Kid, This Will BACKFIRE Helping Conservatives”

  1. Revkor

    we jsut need 2340 enforced. tghe way FB and company are editing thigns makes them not a platform but a publisher. so they either stop or they continue but can now be sued.

  2. Brain Damaged

    Now imagine we get all our shit sorted out, & the people of the world start asking why they don’t have a representative democratic republic.

  3. Tami Roe

    Facebook does NOT know when I poop! I am not one of you, I do not have a cell phone permanently attached to me!! Try it, it is great!! Get a house phone, answering machine and tell big tech to back the f up!!
    Watch this comment get deleted!

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