Facebook Censorship Is TERRIFYING And Could Make The Effects Of Coronavirus WORSE

Related to coronavirus fears, Facebook is clamping down on what it calls ‘misinformation’ with the expressed intention of BANNING content that is ‘designed to create a sense of urgency’ about the virus. Tim and Adam wonder if this is the best approach, considering the potential for a growing outbreak.

597 Replies to “Facebook Censorship Is TERRIFYING And Could Make The Effects Of Coronavirus WORSE”

  1. milcoll73

    why would the business fascistbook eeerrrrr facebook just assume all businesses are nefarious? things that make you go hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Underling Linda

    I dont understand the lottery at 13:10. If I win, I lose a hand…. but I won. So im rich but lost a hand, thats worth for me, why wouldnt somebody accept that? Or am I not getting it?

  3. Lunar Shadow55

    Facebook probably should be fined for breaking first amendment because of that sh*t. They are literally forcing people to shut up about something that could be hazardous if not known, putting people at risk because of their censorship. Its like not letting people know there could be a serial killer because “Saying there is a serial killer is going to cause a panic so we are taking all info on it.”

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