Everything Is OFFENSIVE, But Very Few People Actually KNOW The Bad Names We’re Not Supposed To Use

The left has been claiming that everything is racist, but Tim and Adam observe that very few people actually KNOW the racist terms the left claims underlie the general public’s thinking, and Adam makes the very salient point that commentators like James Lindsey are suspended periodically from social media platforms because they help people see what’s actually happening.

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316 Replies to “Everything Is OFFENSIVE, But Very Few People Actually KNOW The Bad Names We’re Not Supposed To Use”

  1. Common Sense With Elizabeth

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s. My older brother and sister grew up in the 60s and 70s. They pretty much said every racial slur along with my father while I was growing up. I never used any of them. But I knew what all the racial slurs where for every person out there. My mother never said any of those. We also had the show All in the Family with Archie Bunker. so you kind of heard a lot of them on there but not the bad ones. I loved All in the Family. That show would never fly with today’s cancel culture and people being offended by everything.

  2. George Funkhouser

    Kids don’t know those words I don’t know those words anymore but if your parents want to teach their kids racial slurs and hate your bad parents no if and butts about it these group of evil terrorists have set out to destroy our country if they wanted to they will burn this country down and not care.if you use racial slurs and you tell another race to quite useing them I think it’s best that you stop using racial slurs in this country it works both ways what you teach your kids is what they will use till they no longer use it.

  3. Scott Taggart

    Chicago “so called pizza” isn’t real pizza it’s the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of pizza! (Not a good thing)
    # woke! Jk on the woke, not the Chicago pizza.

  4. biff322

    Tim did you grow up on a Mennonite farm or something? Everybody knows all those racial slurs. Especially the one for Hispanics which you act like nobody knows, literally EVERYBODY knows that one… except you apparently.

  5. Stugots

    I love how the the little Timcast cartoon at the end of broadcast is Tim mouthing “harumph!” And Adam saying “SMASH that like button!”

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