EVERY President Has Promised To END Wars, Only Trump Has ACTUALLY Delivered

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host guest and progressive candidate Jen Perelman break down why, even though the voters love the idea, we can’t seem to elect a president who will ACTUALLY pull us out of our international military entanglements.

Guest: Jen Perelman
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@JenerationalChange – YouTube

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655 Replies to “EVERY President Has Promised To END Wars, Only Trump Has ACTUALLY Delivered”

  1. Chris POYB

    This bitch says she doesn’t support Trumps policies. Yet go’s and votes for a candidate with absolutely 0 policies offered before the election!!! Shut the fuck up these liberals are all the same simple minded and fake as fuck. All while trying to pretend to know something when all they know is hate pretending the DC rats have done 1 fucking thing she says they stand for in policy!!🖕😂🖕quite having these mindless uninformed TDS people on your show it’s a waste of time and it’s only hurting you.

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