Eritrea: The North Korea of Africa

Chris sits down with Eritrean activist Meron Estafanos to discuss China’s influence on her country’s dictatorship.

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1,110 Replies to “Eritrea: The North Korea of Africa”

  1. michael Bahribara

    She is not Eritrean her father was Ethiopian soldier that’s why have you ever seen Eritrean looks like this woman ???? and she is lying a lot !!

  2. Aliyev Aliyev

    At least Chines gives hope to their own people and by the way each field of science in Chine improve day by day like USA , UN countries and Canada Russia. One problem in Chines is lack of more more freedom . But This African state is full of problem

  3. zemikeal mengsaab

    Oh actually I’m she spokes serious it all correct πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ well done to took about ours country they have to know all words

  4. Milli Million

    My lovely people as an eritrean I assure that every thing she said was bulshit and aslo she is one of the people who wasn’t power and still money from the country coz I grew up in eritrean and I have never seen someone serving the country or the government from 15,16, to 50 years totally she is brainwashed she wants money to rule the country she only wants power which is something we don’t want I am talking on behave of the people in ERITREAN WE HAVE PEACE AND HAPPINESS AND WE LOVE AND RESPECT OUR PRESIDENT ❀ MUCH LOVE TO MY SUPPORTERS AND MY PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT BRAINWASHED.

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