Entitled Snowflake Protesters Face REAL-WORLD Consequences And Can’t Cope

Tim has been observing a distressing trend of protesters being arrested who never once in their lives expected to be held accountable for their actions.

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1,834 Replies to “Entitled Snowflake Protesters Face REAL-WORLD Consequences And Can’t Cope”

  1. Drakonis .Imperial

    Bill Burr did a skit about feminism … (paraphrased) during an actual crisis (like a hostage situation or fire) the most hard-core, man-hating, buzz-cut, in-your-face Feminist will twist that short hair into pig-tails and start crying and wailing “I’m just a little girl … save me”.

  2. Vincent-Lev Volya

    Hey Tim and Adam, you should watch Class of 1984. The archetype Adam was describing is the main antagonist of that movie. Excellent film and oddly relevant.

  3. pioneerisloud

    I very rarely comment, but I’m currently paused at 1:40 so far, so I could find the video in question (I always read along with you). I have tears of joy and laughter rolling down my face right now, and a little bit of relief mixed in with it too. I’m SOOOO glad to see these people finally see what some accountability for their own actions is! “Or f’ing what!?” “Alright, she’s going in….” and POOF the lady disappears lmao!

    I mean I dunno, maybe I was just raised differently. Politically, according to internet testing, I’d lean right up with Tim as a slightly left leaning libertarian. I guess that has a lot to do with people’s personalities these days or something? But, when I was growing up, and learning….I was taught respect for my peers, for my elders, for my superiors (and yes…police are superior). You don’t go yelling, screaming, and cursing at a police officer that’s there doing their job. If you do, this happens to you. Duh!

  4. Alex Robson

    TIP: If you are LARPing as a rioter… Just imagine the Fed Police are LARPing as Law Enforcement. Hope this helps you lefties!

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