Elon Musk Is RIGHT, AI Will Kill Us If We’re Not Careful

The guys delve into artificial intelligence and some of the algorithms that humans are developing that may soon be developing us

484 Replies to “Elon Musk Is RIGHT, AI Will Kill Us If We’re Not Careful”

  1. Neightrix Prime

    The problem isn’t AI. The problem is bad people pushing AI and benevolent and objectively unbiased. It’s merely a tool like anything else.

  2. Darrin Scott

    The fact that people assume all AI is going to go full Skynet and murder everyone says more about how humans think than about what AIs would actually do. A 4-year-old can spot a parent from across a soccer field when that parent is wearing a hat and sunglasses, but our most sophisticated commercially available facial recognizance software can’t recognize you from a foot away if you’re a little tired with droopy eyes. Computers are very power number-crunching machines, but their heuristic intelligence is several decades away from coming close to what a toddler can do, let alone fight an asymetic war that could wipe out the entire human race which involves countless variables about environment, logistics, morale, and other things computers simply aren’t going to comprehend in the next several lifetimes.

    An algorithm pushing people toward extremes because we’re shit at programing is concerning, but it’s has almost nothing to do with “AI killing us all.” Clickbait 0/10

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