Electoral Polling FAILED In 2020, Worse Even Than In 2016

Tim, Ian, Lydia and guest and journalist Michael Tracey (@MTracey on Twitter) discuss the implications of the truly abysmal polling that took place in 2020, and how it managed to be even worse than it was in 2016.

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391 Replies to “Electoral Polling FAILED In 2020, Worse Even Than In 2016”

  1. staircast

    Tim what happened to the Alex Jones video? I was listening to it this morning my phone died half way through and now i cant find it anywhere.

  2. laserbeam 1001

    The purpose of the polls were not to inform but to deceive… I realize it’s hard to believe but the the majority of the MSM, social media, Hollywood, and even parts of our own government were in on stealing the election.

  3. Sean Nissen

    I bet you the polling error was even higher… if even 10% of the allegations are true instead of having a close race that the media said would be a Biden landslide we’d have a landslide for Trump

    Oh god I love how carefully Michael was wording how Barr deals with Trump. I mean he’s not wrong Barr is good at managing Trump but that’s definitely putting it mildly lol. And that’s definitely what we need… I like Trumps moxie and the policy stuff he does but definitely needs some sort of “managing” or moderation

  4. Lori From Arizona

    You want to know what the sad reality of all this is? We have witnessed a pandemic, mandatory lockdowns of healthy people, mandatory masks for everyone, for a virus they’re not even sure is worse than the regular flu, in an effort to destroy our economy, an impeachment attempt for supposed collusion with Russia when in reality, the Bidens were (are) having their pockets lined by the Chinese and Ukraine, black lives matter protests, where antifa, who by the way, were egged on, funded, bailed out of jail by the democrats, rioting, looting, death, destruction, burning buildings in democratic cities, Honduran refugees paid to storm the border to defy the building of a much needed wall, to 125% of registered voters voting and dead people voting, to mishandling of ballots, to denying voting transparency, and yet!!!! After all of this, they vote that party into the White House to run this country? With a man that doesn’t even know who he is running against, nor what position he is running for who admittedly stated that there was voter fraud not just now but during the Obama Administration as well? All in an effort to take 1 man down that wants nothing more than to make America Great again? Who donates his presidential salary to charity, who stands up to the mainstream media and tells the truth instead of what they want us to believe based on their biased democratic narrative? Tell me now. After that being said,, Give me one good example of the difference between the United States and Communist China.? I’d really really love to even remotely understand why this is happening?

  5. Michael colt

    Why even have polls?
    Serious question. What’s the value/importance/necessity of polls?
    What does it really matter? Imagine all that time and resources going into something actually useful and valuable to society.

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