Economic Truth Finally Came Out, It’s Time To Take The Next Step – Episode 2231a

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Report date: 07.23.2020

Trump and the patriots wanted to add the payroll tax cuts in the phase 4 stimulus package, the Ds and Rs decided to bypass this and left it out. In the long run which is going to help the people, one time stimulus or a payroll tax cut? Trump is now taking the economy transition to the next step.

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879 Replies to “Economic Truth Finally Came Out, It’s Time To Take The Next Step – Episode 2231a”

  1. Rick Wells

    Their doing it too, the damage is already done, 50% of small business are dead, and Trump is pushing the mask genda and social distancing. Giving money every week to people every week is changing the system into socialism society. People won’t want to work and just sit on their asses. Again further making it difficult for a small business to even operate because no one wants to work because their getting free money. Trump failed us sad to say, he’s buddy buddy with corrupt Fauci and Birx. He’s pushing big Pharma for a forced vaccine how is that protecting your constitutional rights forcing us to wear a mask forcing us to take a vaccine that they know it’s going to change your DNA structure never tested on animal testing. PURE EVIL! Trump is going along with the corrupt. America is finished, thanks to sellout politicians that just wanted to line their own pockets. They bribed politicians over the course of 50 years got their traders in, then they needed gained control of the media and then use the media to push a false agenda to destroy America that’s it in a nutshell we’re done.

  2. Brian Weid

    Don’t let this distract you from the war brewing between China and America. This reset will not be pretty and many many more are going to die.

  3. Cam Hook

    Fixen to lose Everything, yet we stand with love in our hearts for the hope MY COUNTRY WILL UNITE!!! wife and I are self employed and have felt the crash more than most in our area, Yet we help our neighbors because they are older and need the help, store runs, pay their bills, set up survival rations ” just in case ” Kids not going to school till OCT because the none pandemic is being played to CRUSH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. When we have nothing to lose, where will we stand…. WWG1WGA

  4. Teresa Shaw

    Why the Hell would it hurt these thieves to give the American People back 50 years worth of Money they stoled from us. It’s our money Living like fat rats why we the people Struggle go hungry and Homeless. And our Vets who fought for our country. Sacrificed life and limb. For a dam Country. Who didn’t Support them when they came home. You left them in the streets😤 Very Evil SOB’s Wouldn’t want to be them. God Don’t Like Ugly. I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on 🔥 God Gonna Get Em . And he will NOT Have Mercy on there Would😠🙏

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