Duncan Trussell & Jimmy talk about EVERYTHING!

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666 Replies to “Duncan Trussell & Jimmy talk about EVERYTHING!”

  1. MetalNick

    I have to say, a lot of these spiritual platitudes contradict my political views. “Surrender” is one example. Ok, I can surrender some of my identity insecurities in my personal life. But what does that mean when you apply it to your sense of right and wrong? It would mean sacrificing morality for the sake of feeling more connected, wouldn’t it? Or, for the sake of spiritual egotism. I know there’s talk in spirituality about giving up your ego, but how often do those who preach that actually do it? How do you know they really have an ego that doesn’t guide them? Does it not show ego to prescribe fundamental perceptual modes?

    I think there are applications to some spiritual platitudes as such, but taken to the extreme, it just sounds like a cop-out to me. – Your identity isn’t real, therefore your concerns for justice aren’t real, and any ideals you might have for a better world are just you being egotistical. – That’s what it sounds like to me when spirituality gets really left-brained (absolutist) and fundamentalist. And I think it can carry a risk of narcissistic fixation. I’m willing to hear why I’m wrong though, if someone else has a different interpretation.

    My bad, I hear Duncan addressing this. Surrender to fascism is bad, yes. Thank you.

    Cool, I feel like Duncan is really good at talking about this. No simplistic platitudes about destroying the ego and etc. This kind of spiritual philosophy should be an endless dialect in my view. Gurus and spiritual teachings can become demagogic.

  2. MetalNick

    I remember finding the popular atheist videos a few years ago. I thought there were some good debates and critiques of organized religion. Then I found out how rightwing Sam Harris was, and Christopher Hitchens in regard to US militarism. Turns out you can be a faith-based ideoligical fanatic and not be officially religious. As Chomsky said, “They belong to the STATE religion.”

  3. gyp darin

    I dont know what you are politically speaking Jimmy. I only id in any way when its being asked of me by someone i know is a good person learning to always prioritise morality and the greater good no matter where it lands you. Know its where the most morality resides. And i id with libertarians far more and feel the best candidate in my lifetime has been Ron Paul. Anyway, i watch you and find that youre on point on most relevant issues. Well researched and you fire from the hip. You stay funny lime the true comic that you are and i appreciate your work. And well duncan i mean its hard to hate on such a spontaneous wild person. Looney funny but with depth he taps into when you least expect it.

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