Dr. Strange 2 Might Be Ruined, We Are Worried

Dr. Strange 2 might be directed by Sam Raimi, who also directed the Spiderman movies: Tim and Adam adjudicate whether this will be a positive development or not

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  1. Quiet Demon

    All of you suck …. ALL OF YOU, the very fact that you are worried about a fucking legend taking over is an indication of all of your intelligence 🖕

  2. ghosturiel

    Sam Rami is a fantastic director. Both Darkman and OG Spiderman 1 & 2 are good superhero movies. The Evil Dead series are fun. Rami did horror well, and changed to be more comedic once horror films started to be less serious. Rami’s work is overall good, but has suffered from studio interference. He does have some campy tropes that he includes in most/all of his movies (See Women close up screaming) but for a superhero movie with dark comedic undertones he could do quite well.
    Also seeing the cabin, Ash or an evil dead sort of cameo would lend to the marvel universe as there are quite a few comics with ash being in the marvel universe.

  3. lizard Vision

    Dr strange suffer from the same problem as venom, the villian is eh. Both have great protagonists, supporting characters, and are overall well done films, they just have so-so villians

  4. B.B. Rodriguez

    Spider-Man 2 is AMAZING out of the trilogy. You really see the horror that becomes of Doc Oc in the way Raimi films his scenes. Especially when Octavius first loses his mind to the metal appendages. Just dont think about Spider-Man 3, it never happened. Even Sam Raimi apologizes for it ffs

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