Disabled Veteran Struggles With Anti-War Message.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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928 Replies to “Disabled Veteran Struggles With Anti-War Message.”

  1. K S

    America’s foundation was built on imperialism, war, occupation, land theft, ethnocentrism, slavery, racism, and elitism.

    America was never built on morality but by force and brutality.

  2. Rover

    So this veteran fully supports recruiting more “tools in the garage” (soldiers)…and then expects the Pentagon not to use them abundantly, with all their weapons of war? Stockpile soldiers and not readily use them? That’s twisted thinking. Use them as a last resort? You mean not for profit?
    And young men who think it’s “macho” to kill people for their own glorified status back home? Very sick thinking.
    And it’s okay in a soldier’s mind to kill other people (including innocent civilians, men, women and children) so they can personally profit from it and gain a free education? But it’s not okay for the MIC, politicians and oligarchs to profit from war? More backwards thinking.

  3. Isaac Thompson

    Jimmy you got no idea how hard it would be for this man to tell you its all pointless.

    He’s lost his legs, he’s lost comrades, the unimaginable suffering he must have been through, and to realize it was all so disgusting people can add to their wealth. Thats impossible to reconcile.

    People need meaning, thats why its easier to say we needed to stop the taliban to save america. At least in that version of the story theres a purpose to what he’s been through.

  4. 2 Tears In A Bucket

    This guy lost his legs but is still delusional and dishing out propaganda..jheeze god help America! Then god help us because we’re all under their dirty boots

  5. Toufik Benhamadi

    An eye opener interview, I’m not sure I could react as you did, would probably let him talk his sad excuses out of misplaced respect. Yet you had the best approach, to push his belief and argue respectfully but with determination. .Watching the interview however, felt like seeing real life version of Starship Troopers (1st) by Verheoven who said “war made facist of us all”. It’s all in : how you become a citizen through military services, preying on the poorest through enhanced benefits, etc.. I kept seeing that particular scene where the young “hero” register to military and a sergeant on a wheel chair congratulates on choosing infantery, shaking his hands while telling “Mobile infantery made me the man I am today”. :/

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