Democrats Want To SANITIZE History, THIS Would Be A GREAT Place To Start

Tim and Adam discuss a handful of enterprising GOP representatives who are taking the debate to the Democrats with a proposal banning parties who have checkered histories.

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2,148 Replies to “Democrats Want To SANITIZE History, THIS Would Be A GREAT Place To Start”

  1. Databyter

    Brilliant! in supporting the removal of statues around the Country, and images and plaques thruout the Capitol, the Democrats have laid out a case against any remembrance of slavery or black oppression and especially the people that fought to retain it. (All of them Democrats btw).

    By their own words and defenses, they are hypochrites if they do not also abolish their own party, and ban themselves, as the party of slavery opposed by the party that was born as the Anti-Slavery party, The Republican Party, that has not changed it’s platform or core beliefs in all the years of it’s existence.

    The Republicans were born the anti-slavery party and its members attempted to make the Country and the States individually live up to the founding documents that clearly state that all men(humanity) are created equal and have innate and undeniable rights. Including in this Country, the right of citizenship, representation, and the vote.

    Democrats defended slavery, opposed the black vote, and later the womens vote when it too was promoted by Republicans.

    Whereas the Democrats bend over backwards to erase their history, and imply that it was the fault of others., or even more hilariously that the parties traded names at some point, which is an IQ test that many fail by believing it despite empirical evidence to the contrary, as well as common sense.

    The Democrats official platform included staunch defense of slavery, and later staunch support of Jim Crow Laws designed to oppress black people and the black vote.

    Even when I was still a child the Democrat party was still staunchly the party of the KKK, and the Republicans were staunchly the party of equal citizenship for all people and spear-headed the civil rights movement which I remember as a child.

    The Democrats were also against the suffragettes, the womans vote, again opposed by the Republicans, who as always were living up to the standards set forth in our founding documents that all people are born free and legally equal citizens.

    So the Democrats in order to comply with their own new political correctness, must abolish themselves, and toss themselves out of government immediately, and anybody associated with the Democrat party must be opposed and protested, by their own edicts and commands.

    They need to be erased, their name not spoken, and their images and histories forgotten. That is the commandment of their own leaders and representatives. Well, we are waiting. It’s YOUR RULE. Just be consistent.

    Point made Mr Gohmert.


  2. Omizuke

    The Civil War did NOT began to abolish slavery. It started because some stated wanted to leave the union. And Abe didn’t wanted to make it about slavery right off the bat. It wasn’t until later that he did. So many people that that were fighting on the war on the side of the south weren’t doing it to keep slaves, most didn’t even have. They were doing it because they chose to fight for their state rather than to fight for the union. And to not acknowledge certain figures because they happen to be on the wrong side of history is ridiculous. How is it that Berny can admire and praise people in a relative present that we all think are horrible people and get away with it. But we can’t have some form of acknowledgment for some people from the past, were things were different. Because they are consider horrible by *today* standards.

  3. kiddiescripterkiller

    They are removing public housing to get them to move out to the suburbs so it changes the voting… thier new plan of gerrymandering.

  4. Jim Meh

    It should happen Tim. The point of removing the statues is because of being on the wrong side of history. Do the right thing and change the name.

  5. carter toshner

    interestign read of the period “4 years with the iron bregade” the war journal of a wisconsin vounteer. Proof that democrats were the slave owning south.

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