Democrats Vote To LEGALIZE IT, Republicans Are Pushing BACK, Predictably

Tim, Ian, Lydia and friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski discuss the pros and cons of legalization and the Republicans who don’t seem to like it.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange on Twitter, @WeAreChange on YouTube)

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1,163 Replies to “Democrats Vote To LEGALIZE IT, Republicans Are Pushing BACK, Predictably”

  1. Nicolas Peigné

    when it’s for a lockdown, the needs of a few seems to be more important than the needs of the many
    but when it comes to the vaccine now the needs of the many are more important.
    they have no consistency to their principles because they don’t have principles, only political agendas.

  2. Brad Andrews

    The question you left out Tim was if doing this will really be helpful. Kind of like the failure of the lockdowns. Places that lock down more have more problems, so things claiming to help are not helping.

  3. deth

    Tim is starting to sound like the msm.

    Telling people they shouldn’t talk about Americans bad actions because it will help China.

    Also if you don’t talk about something, then people won’t know about the problem, the more people who know the more likely you are to find a solution.

  4. Libertarian Wolf

    Most elected Democrats don’t want to legalize it either. They know it was a meaningless proposal. It’s a classic bait & switch.

  5. Quwen Syce

    in South Africa the lockdowns people did obey but after it got too strict people are got mad…they literaly banned tobacco and alcohol(the people broke into liquor shops because we cant seem to function without it lol)..but a minister was caught smoking at a funeral…as u said Rules for thee but not for me…but our schools have not been shut down..only for the first few weeks because we didnt know all about the virus but the kids are in school here and they are almost finished with exams…our economy is opened but its really damaged especially tourism… i really wish we could come more into a relationship with America than with China and other communist countries… we are a capitalistic country but the corrupt government also wants to make the private sector fall under government which is scary..

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