Democrats Star Witness Marie Yovanovitch Accused Of PERJURY In Impeachment Inquiry

Democrats Star Witness Accused Of PERJURY In Impeachment Testimony. Star witness and former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch may have committed perjury according to a new report form Tucker Carlson and Fox news.

According to several reports, an email obtained by Fox news showed that Yovanovitch responded to a democratic staffer after claiming under oath that she did not respond to the staffer.

Questions about who met with Adam Schiff’s team and other democrats before the official investigation into the whistleblower complaints as well as whether or not Yovanovitch lied are being raised, mostly by conservatives.

Once again this all falls onto tribal lines with most of the left ignoring the story or assuming Fox news is lying.

Meanwhile the left is currently questioning whether the real offense was Donald Trump JR tweeting out a publicly available news story with the whistleblowers name in it.

As id for some reason that is what we should be focusing on, never mind that Obama was notorious for going after whistleblowers.

Unfortunately for us I don’t think the real issues will ever get the attention they deserve. One of these instances is objectively punishable and one is silly, but of course nothing is likely to happen.


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1,732 Replies to “Democrats Star Witness Marie Yovanovitch Accused Of PERJURY In Impeachment Inquiry”

  1. Tom Green

    All those dumbass’s on the view are nothing but anti Trumpers and piece of shit democrats. They are the most ignorant idiots on TV.

  2. Oliver Von arx

    “To doxx people is not what we do!!”?! It is LITERALLY the MAIN TOOL criminals like “anti”fa terrorists use on a daily!!!
    Whom do you think you can fool at this point?! 🤨🤯🤬

  3. Donny Biggerstaff

    With a tweet like that out publicly, how is there any wonder that President Trump used his executive authority to remove her?

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