Democrats May Not ACCEPT A Trump Victory, No One Will Trust The Results Of The Election

Tim and Ian evaluate what factors play into the idea that very few people will trust election results – no matter who wins – and what could be done to try to prevent possible chaos.

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408 Replies to “Democrats May Not ACCEPT A Trump Victory, No One Will Trust The Results Of The Election”

  1. PHeMoX

    Alec Baldwin was the worst impersonator of Trump by far. Not funny, super annoying and incredibly cringe. He’d never ever be able to become president fortunately. You’d need a more universally liked actor for that. And most of Hollywood these days is so far disconnected from actual reality, I doubt anyone would get the benefit of doubt from the moderate / swing voter.

  2. PhilosophicalZombie

    Here in Sweden we have double-verification BankID, which one can use to verify one’s own identity online. There’s a fingerprint scanner and a camera fully capable of facial recognition quality photos in your phone.

    It isn’t hard. If we wanted actually secure, private and effective voting, we could have the infrastructure in no time.

    But the US is least likely to get any sort of effective administration or political system; as it is the fulcurum of the world, the incentives to political corruption are in the exact opposite direction.

  3. Mikkel

    “All votes for the democrats will be accepted, no matter what,
    BUT, all republican votes needs to be verified and double checked, and the signature needs to be 101% spot on.”

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