Democrats Lose Case Against Fed, Judge Says Trump Can Keep Operating In Portland

Tim and Adam discuss a federal judge in a case brought by the Oregon AG who has not been convinced that there is federal misuse of power against protesters ongoing on in Portland.

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2,096 Replies to “Democrats Lose Case Against Fed, Judge Says Trump Can Keep Operating In Portland”

  1. Shane Hollander

    Judge said MAY not have had or assumed for sake of argument that probable cause may not have been met but she also said that the video doesn’t confirm either way as the suspect could have been observed by police doing something prior to being caught on film that very well could have substantiated probable cause. The video shows neither suport for or against this but considering the rioting up the road I would think someone wearing rioting gear, helmets w/faces covered wearing Antifa shirts in shades between Black Hole 🕳 & Soul sucking incubus with Hey Marxist, Skrillix wants his babyback babyback babyback Black skinny jeans Back bruh would be plenty to take em in!

  2. John Sharp

    Harrison is a democrat that supports slavery for over two hundred years. Is Jamie going to leave the slave party I doubt it.

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